Customer Liability

Please read the following carefully before booking.

  • Riders fully understand and accept all possible risks and inherent hazards of horseback riding.
  • Ubud Horse Stables has insurance coverage to cover any medical fees or emergencies with Max claim IDR25.000.000
  • Riders understand and accept that neither Ubud Horse Stables nor any of its employees or representatives may be held liable in any way for any occurrence on the property or on horseback that may result in injury, or any other damage to your person.
  • Riders understand and accept that they ride at their own risk and bear full responsibility.

Riders agree to follow these rules:

  • All riders must follow the guide’s instructions.
  • All riders will be supplied with, and must wear, a helmet.
  • Riders may not overtake the leading guide on any part of the ride.
  • Beginner riders are not permitted to trot or canter at any time during the ride. Intermediate or advanced riders are permitted to canter under supervision of their personal guide, who will grant permission according to each rider’s proficiency. This is the guide’s prerogative and all riders must abide by his/her decision.
  • Riders are entitled to end their ride at any time during the tour. However, once paid, all tour fees are fully non-refundable.
  • Once a tour has commenced it is deemed chargeable. No refunds, partial or otherwise will be given for unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to: inclement weather, hesitation, indecision or accidents - such as falling from a horse.
  • Please be advised not to leave any cash, credit cards or other valuable items in our lockers during your ride. Ubud Horse Stables will not assume any responsibility for any valuable items that are lost on our premises, nor during the tour itself.